Space One
From France to The World.
Since 2017.

Finest Streetwear.
For those who care.

Rennes, France.
Tokyo, Japan.

About Us

Space One is an independent clothing brand exploring the boundaries of streetwear through a very personal and unique interpretation of the movement. 

The brand was created in 2017 by a French graphic design student when he was only 17 years old. He takes his inspirations in European graphic design historical and cultural scene, as well as the 80’s and 90’s Californian imagery and way of life that he discovered in his childhood while his father was living in San Francisco. 

As a leitmotiv, Space One focuses on authenticity, as the creator express himself through the designs.

Space One is a testimony of humankind and culture. Empowering the voice of the youth, it is expressing messages through clothes. It is a unique vision and interpretation of what streetwear is. It pushes the boundaries of it, making hybrid forms, testing graphic styles….

Regarding the imagery, Space One is a camera, a travel, a spaceship moving through space and time. It brings you from Renaissance to the moon, from mid’90s in LA to 2100. Distorted fonts, shades of blue, textures, space, pulp fiction, Caravaggio… From Earth & from space, unique, Space One.